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3 Natural Household Products That Clean Almost Any Stain

carpet 20 Sep 2017

If you’re anything like me you grew up with a family who cleaned the house every weekend. I have not so fond memories of my mother making us kids clean our rooms so she could go through and vacuum. My dad would get annoyed if he found dust along the cupboards. One thing I associate with this time of the week was the awful bleach smell as mum went through and cleaned the house. Back then, it was assumed you had to disinfect the whole place to get it clean. In the modern world we realise these products aren’t great for us or the environment. That’s why I’m going to give you a stupidly simple list of household products you can use to clean that are completely natural.

Before we get to that though I want to give you a bit of insight as to why some of these more conventional cleaning products are a bad choice.

Typical cleaning products use a lot of synthesized chemicals that are actually quite dangerous. Now, I’m not completely against these types of products. In many cases they are essential to clean stains. For example, oven cleaners and degreasers can be highly toxic but make the job of cleaning a fair bit easier. While we try not to use these in our business I don’t begrudge others if they feel it’s an appropriate choice for them.

However, for things like trivial carpet stains or wiping down the bathroom tiles those products are overkill. Think about it, there is no way we’d use bleach or similar products on our plates and cutlery. Why then do some think it’s a good idea to wipe the rest of the house down with it? Especially when there is an alternative that’s just as effective, completely natural and non toxic.

The 3 ingredients I insist should be in everyone’s home are:

  1. Vinegar
  2. Baking Soda
  3. Lemon Juice

Surprised? I did tell you it was going to be simple!

The truth is that with those 3 deadly simple items you can clean 99% of stains. Sure, it might not be as easy as using a bleach or ammonia based cleaner. You may need to repeat the process a couple of times whereas you wouldn’t need to bother with a heavy duty cleaner. In my opinion though the benefits seriously outweigh this. No smelly fumes no dangerous residue left behind.

The above items can be used on anything. Including carpets stains, rug stains, tile and grout stains, red wine stains, blood stains and the list goes on. All you need to do is follow a version of the steps below.

  1. Combine the vinegar with some water (no mare than 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water)
  2. Apply the water/vinegar mixture to the stain
  3. Apply only light pressure to the stain in a dabbing or soft petting motion
  4. Do not scrub too hard or scrape at the stain. You are trying to lift it not further rub it in
  5. Apply more mixture as needed
  6. Once you’re happy with the level of stain removal create a paste with the baking soda and a little water (no more than 1 part water to 4 parts baking soda)
  7. Embed the baking soda into the carpet with your fingers. Just use a light pressure don’t try to press it all the way into the carpet
  8. Leave to dry for as long as it takes
  9. Once dry, vacuum off the remaining powder
  10. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done

The vinegar is a great stain remover and enzyme neutralizer. It will lift the stain as well as sterilize certain particles that might create a smell. The baking soda is highly absorbent and will lift the remaining part of the stain. Due to it’s fine grain nature it’s highly absorbent so nearly all remaining particles should be lifted. If you need to you can always repeat the process one more time to really give it a good clean.

When you’re done sprinkle a dash of lemon juice over the stain to eradicate any more odour causing particles and freshen things up. Note that this step is optional of you hate the smell of lemon 🙂

So there you have it folks. Forget bleach, ammonia and other harsh chemical based cleaners. Consider using this alternative for your home. Especially if you have pets or small kids running around.


  • Can't thank you guys enough for the work you did at our place last week. Our carpets have never looked better, all the stains are out and they smell beautiful again. I'll be recommending you to everyone I know!

    Michael Dawson
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  • We have had a lot of trade people at our house over the years but Carpet Cleaning Sydney were definitely the best. The job was done perfectly, punctually and in a professional manner. Its not easy finding reliable people but you'll be happy using these guys to clean your carpets.

    Amanda Lawrence
    Avalon, Sydney
  • My carpets have never looked better. The guys came on time, completed the work quickly and when they left my carpets were like new. Thanks!

    David McMenemy
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