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Is A Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Worth The Money?

carpet 03 Oct 2017

Here at Carpet Cleaning Sydney we clean a lot of carpets. When we say a lot we really mean it. Hundreds of homes per month are visited by our team of technicians. With that many jobs under our belt we’ve been asked a lot of questions over the years. One of the more common ones is what type of vacuum cleaner is the best to buy? More specifically, people want to know if a high end cleaner is worth the price. More specifically again, they want to know if a Dyson vacuum cleaner is worth the price. You see, Dyson has such a strong hold on the market it’s in the mind of every consumer before they purchase.

The fact that Dyson has become synonymous with vacuums is a testament to the companies marketing efforts and advertising team. Clearly they have done an outstanding job of aligning the brand with nearly every target market for a vacuum. In fact, I’d argue that the Dyson brand extends outside these core markets and is a globally recognized brand. This is evident in the way they seamlessly moved into different markets such as electronics and fans.

The true bread and butter for the company though are their vacuum cleaners. They are their flagship products and the ones I assume would bring in the most revenue for the company. In Australia especially these vacuums have become a household name. If you have a discussion about buying a new vacuum cleaner you’ll be asked by a friend at least once ‘are you buying a Dyson?’

There are pro’s and con’s to every purchase and it’s no different here. Lets take a look at a few criteria that factor in and then explore Dysons worthiness objectively.


Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat. Dyson vacuums are some of the more expensive on the market. Along with brands like Miele they have opened up the premium purchaser. Even a cheap Dyson will set you back a few hundred dollars and you can spend a lot more. The top of the range ones are priced so that you won’t bet much change out of $1000.

But cost doesn’t equal value and when it comes to vacuum cleaners most of us wouldn’t mind paying more for a superior product. So lets take a look at the quality and function of your typical Dyson.

Quality and Function

Researching this article found me on this thread at the Whirlpool forums. For those of you that don’t know Whirlpool is one of the largest forums in the world. Certainly the largest in Australia. People with all sorts of experience and opinions can comment.

The thread makes a few points clear. There are several users who are unhappy with the build quality of the products. There is an overwhelmingly plastic feel to it that may turn some consumers off. For me, I don’t mind the plastic feel so much as I’m more concerned with the mechanics.

What almost no one complains about is the function of the product. It seems clear that if you buy a Dyson you’ll get superior suction and it’ll certainly do a good job of keeping your floors clean.

Spare Parts

Many of the premium vacuum cleaner companies are European and Dyson is no different having originated in England. Many spare parts for other brands can be very expensive but Dyson manages to miss this particular downside. The sheer size of their operation and the mass amount of products sold mean it’s never difficult to find a replacement part.

In the long run good access to replacement parts means your machine can last longer without needing to be replaced. This is a good benefit for a high price point item.

So we would have to recommend at this stage that although Dysons are very expensive they are probably worth the money. If you really just have to have one then I would up that recommendation to certainly get it. They are very durable machines and although not much better than many others certainly aren’t any worse.


  • Can't thank you guys enough for the work you did at our place last week. Our carpets have never looked better, all the stains are out and they smell beautiful again. I'll be recommending you to everyone I know!

    Michael Dawson
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  • We have had a lot of trade people at our house over the years but Carpet Cleaning Sydney were definitely the best. The job was done perfectly, punctually and in a professional manner. Its not easy finding reliable people but you'll be happy using these guys to clean your carpets.

    Amanda Lawrence
    Avalon, Sydney
  • My carpets have never looked better. The guys came on time, completed the work quickly and when they left my carpets were like new. Thanks!

    David McMenemy
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