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Keeping Your Carpet Dust Free – Is it Possible?

carpet 30 Sep 2013

If you have allergies, then you know that carpeting can be your worst enemy. If you live in an apartment, there is nothing you can do about it and even if you own your own home you might not be able to afford to replace the carpeting and get a hard surface floor. So is it possible to keep your carpet dust free? Let’s look at the possibilities of a dust free carpet and how to get it and keep it that way.

But first let’s understand where the dust comes from and how to keep it from getting to your carpet (where it will stay) in the first place.

The first place dust comes from is your closets. This is because your clothes shed fibers, dust mites, dead skin, etc. – all of which winds up around the floor outside the closet and gets embedded in the carpet. So the first thing you need to do is reorganize your closet. Everything that you haven’t worn in a year needs to go because it is the perfect place to breed dust mites, mold, mildew, and other creatures like cockroaches. Put everything else in plastic covers so that the fibers don’t waft out every time you rummage through your clothes – and nothing that causes allergies can breed in there and get into the carpeting.

Next, you need to make sure you change and wash your linens at least once a week, and don’t keep more than one change in the closet, where it will breed more allergens. You need to do this because again, even though we don’t think about it, the bed is one of the major places where dust mites and dead skin cells fall into the carpet and get forgotten about. So when you change your linens, you also need to vacuum thoroughly around and under the bed.

Here are some more tips:

After you are finished vacuuming, if you turn the thermostat to fan, it will help clean the air of any dust you have stirred up and keep it from resettling.

Use a carpet cleaning machine with agitating pads and some cleaning solution when you clean your carpet. The idea is to trap the dust, not redistribute it, which is what a vacuum cleaner can tend to do. There are many inexpensive home models that you can purchase so that you can do this once a week.

Get a vacuum with a heavy-duty agitator. The agitator is the brush part on the head of the vacuum cleaner. You need this to help pull all of the dirt out of the carpet. Install a heavy duty air filter on your home heating and cooling system. The best way to have a dust-free carpet is to stop the way dust travels to it – through the air.

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  • Can't thank you guys enough for the work you did at our place last week. Our carpets have never looked better, all the stains are out and they smell beautiful again. I'll be recommending you to everyone I know!

    Michael Dawson
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  • We have had a lot of trade people at our house over the years but Carpet Cleaning Sydney were definitely the best. The job was done perfectly, punctually and in a professional manner. Its not easy finding reliable people but you'll be happy using these guys to clean your carpets.

    Amanda Lawrence
    Avalon, Sydney
  • My carpets have never looked better. The guys came on time, completed the work quickly and when they left my carpets were like new. Thanks!

    David McMenemy
    Clovelly, Sydney

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