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The 5 Cleanest Suburbs In Sydney

carpet 28 Aug 2017

One of the best parts about owning a cleaning business that services the entire Sydney area is that we get to explore different suburbs. In a typical day we might driving from the southern part of the city to the north stopping at the CBD in between. You might think that we’re all Australians and that all these areas are the same. The truth tells a different story though. We’ve noticed people from all over Sydney are vastly different.

While most people are making ranking based on property prices in Sydney. We’re cleaners we are hyper sensitive to the cleanliness of society. If a place is messy or there’s a bit of rubbish lying around you can bet your bottom dollar we’re going to notice. It’s a blessing and a curse.

This isn’t to say that Sydney is a messy place at all. In fact, overall this city is clean and people are truly proud of this land we call home. So much so that we had a tough time coming up with this list. What follows is our opinion on what constitutes Sydneys cleanest suburbs. This isn’t the homes per se (believe us there are messy carpets everywhere) it’s just our impression after traveling across Sydney.

Also, this isn’t to say that if your suburbs isn’t listed that we think it’s not clean. The truth is Sydney is a beautiful place no matter where you go. So let’s not hesitate any longer, below is what we consider to be Sydneys cleanest suburbs:

1. Bondi Beach

It’s probably no coincidence that Sydneys cleanest suburb is also one of its most famous. Bondi Beach is famous for its sandy beaches, beautiful waves and vibrant lifestyle. But you probably don’t think of Bondi as being an overly clean place, but it is.

Drive down the streets here and you’ll barely see any rubbish anywhere. For sure, some of the building are quite old but none look decrepit our out of place. Even the homeless people hanging out down at Bondi Pavillion do a pretty good job of cleaning up after themselves.

I once asked a lifeguard on the beach how the place stays so clean and he responded; ‘People come here for our beautiful beaches, and we want to keep it that way’. Good on ya mate!

2. The Ponds

The Ponds is one of Sydneys newer suburbs nestled in the heart of the west just a stones throw from The Hills district. It’s a place full of young families who are extremely proud of their homes. It’s this pride that keeps the streets clean, the lawns mowed and to be honest, the carpets barely needing even a refresher. We aren’t sure if its because of the newness of the home, or the fact that the owners take care of them. But this suburb has some of the cleanest carpets around.

On any given afternoon you’ll see strollers and young kids running around the paths surrounding the many ponds from which the suburb gets its name. While we’d never go swimming in the water the parks couldn’t be cleaner. Although Domain named this suburb one of its worst to live in Sydney we aren’t sure why. With a new metro line be installed in the coming years The Ponds has everything going for it.

3. Palm Beach

Palm Beach is as far north as you can get and still be within the city limits. Perhaps this is one of the reasons it has a home on our list of cleanest suburbs. It could be that, and also the lack of congestion a place like this has. You see, there aren’t as many apartments in Pal Beach and less people definitely equates to less mess and rubbish (although not necessarily cleaner carpets).

We truly love Palm Beach! Although we don’t get too many cleaning jobs down there when we do go it’s always a treat. A lunch break with fish and chips and watching the surf roll in can be one of the highlights of the week. The downside for many of this part of Sydney is its distance from the CBD and lack of efficient public transport to get you there.

That hasn’t effected the cleanliness though and Palm Beach definitely deserves a place on this list. Head on down there and see for yourself.

4. Rhodes

One of the most up and coming areas of Sydney has to be around Rhodes. I am personally attached to the area because of its connection to the Sydney Olympic Games of 2000. What a couple of weeks that was!

Perhaps it’s the proximity to the Olympic site or perhaps its just something about the people that live there but Rhodes is always in tip top shape. Most recently there’e been a new bridge built connecting one side of the river to the other. It’s a wonderful walk and one you will love.

We do plenty of carpet cleaning jobs in and around the area. It’s many high rise buildings mean lots of people live there. Where there’s lots of people, there’s lots of carpet and where there lots of carpet they need lots of carpet cleaning. But that’s not why we love the place. It just has lovely neighbourhoods and beautiful parks.

5. Hunters Hill

I have to believe that the term McMansions was coined when someone was driving through Hunters Hill!

The houses here are enormous and I suppose with that level of wealth you can afford a bit of home maintenance. The streets are immaculately clean and the home gigantic! I distinctly remember a carpet cleaning job we finished up here a few years ago that was a whopping 13 (!!!) bedrooms. Can somebody say huge!

A beautiful suburb and one definitely worthy of a spot in this unofficial list.

Remember, just because your suburb isn’t a part of the group doesn’t mean it’s any less. All areas of Sydney are beautiful and we are truly lucky to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. If however you do want to give your home a spruce up give us a call for a free quote. Anytime, day or night!


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