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Tips For Keeping Your Mattress Clean

carpet 17 Aug 2016

If you have ever seen one of those news segments where they go to a hotel room and take a black light to show how much dirt and dust mites there are in a mattress, then you are probably ready for some tips on keeping your mattress clean, especially if it is new:

Tip #1: Buy a mattress cover. A mattress cover sounds like a simple thing, but a mattress cover protects your mattress from so many things and also helps the mattress last longer. It prevents spills from getting on the mattress – and a mattress cover also prevents dust mites from settling deep into your mattress, where you will never kill them unless you fumigate. Mattress covers can also be thrown in the wash every week along with your sheets.

Tip #2: Vacuum your mattress. Vacuuming your mattress when you wash your sheets will not only get any food particles, pet hair and dead skin cells, it will also get the dust mites that feed on them. Flipping your mattress and vacuuming the underside will get out even more dust and dead skin cells that will keep your mattress cleaner and the dust mites away. You can even sprinkle some baking soda on our mattress and let it set for a few hours, then vacuum it and the odours away. For a finishing touch, spray your bed lightly with Lysol disinfectant to also kill germs.

Tip #3: Air your bed out once a week. It is especially important to air your mattress out during any long periods of precipitation you might experience. Airing your bed out when you change the sheets is the best time to do it, so don’t be so quick to put your sheets back on once they come out of the dryer. Letting your mattress dry out thoroughly will prevent mould and mildew form forming and will let the bed smell fresher. If you can, open the windows and let the fresh air circulate throughout the room. Dust mites, mold and mildew hate fresh air and sunshine.

Tip #4: You can clean your mattress with upholstery cleaner on occasion. If your mattress is looking dingy or stained, you can use upholstery cleaner to clean it. Just make sure to follow the directions and not to use too much water. Preferably, clean your mattress on a day when it is warm and sunny out, so that you can open the windows and let it air dry. You can even use stain remover that you would normally use on clothes on your mattress. Mattress material is usually very sturdy and colorfast, so there isn’t a lot that will hurt it.

Tip #5: Flip the mattress regularly. We mentioned it earlier with the vacuuming, but you should flip your mattress at least once every six months. This will keep it wearing evenly, as you probably have a favorite sleeping position. You can flip it both horizontally and vertically to keep the mattress more supportive of your body weight longer.


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