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Top 10 Guides For Cleaning Pet Urine Stains

carpet 11 Sep 2017

It’s no secret that cleaning pet stains is one of the most common problems when it comes to cleaning household carpets. As much as we love our pets that doesn’t stop them from staining, peeing or pooping on the carpet an unexpected times.

As with any common problem there are many different solutions posted on the internet. In my early years as a professional cleaner it was incredibly difficult to find information on certain household stains. Now, in the information age you can find a solution to anything.

Below is a list of the top 10 best guides we’ve found on the internet for cleaning pee stains. Each one offers a unique perspective on how to treat one of the most stubborn household problems.

1. Clean and Scentsible

Jenn from Clean and Scentsible is one of my favourite cleaning bloggers and she totally hit it out of the park with her post on eliminating pet stains from carpets. It happens to be a sponsored post but that doesn’t take away from it’s quality. Complete with full tutorial and images this the best post we’ve found on helping with this common issue.

Check out Jenns post here

2. House Wife How-To’s

I love this blog! Katie writes from the heart and offers excellent tips for housewives or anyone who is interested in cleaning around the home. What I like about this post is that she covers different causes of stains specifically. If I were to write a complete how-to guide I’d like it to be half as good as this one. Congrats Katie!

Check out Katies post here

3. Creative Homemaking

Rachels homemaking blog has been around for a long time! I’ve been in business over 20 years and her blogs been around just as long. A true staple of the homemaking scene. Don’t be put off by the simple blog design, her tips and advice are gold. I like her post because it talks specifically about cleaning stains in white carpet.

Check out Rachels post here

4. Me Him and the Cats

I first stumble across this blog post when I was searching specifically for cat stain tips. What blew me away was the idea of using a black light! What I loved even more was that this tip was submitted by a fellow Australian carpet cleaner. Such an awesome tip that it single handedly earns it a spot on our list.

Check out Dianes post here

5. EverydayRoots

This blog teaches completely natural remedies to everyday problems. What a fantastic mission! Now, we try to run our business green but this blog takes it to another level. Claire is the author here and she’s done an awesome job with her pet stain post. Who would have thought you could do it completely naturally? Kudos Claire.

Check out Claires post here

6. One Good Thing By Jillee

Jillee’s remedy for dealing with ‘Pet Potty Spots’ (adorable!) is a great one. Submitted by one of her readers and posted by her shortly after. It’s a common technique but Jillee’s writing style and conversational tone make it far better than most. Consider subscribing to her blog. It’s great!!! Thanks for everything you do Jillee.

Check out Jillees post here

7. Kristen Oliphant

I love this post not least of all because Kristen uses the term ‘pee’, which always makes me giggle. The story and narrative of the article is what makes it. The heavy use of pictures makes this one of the best guides around. It’s not a specific cleaning blog but that hasn’t stopped ‘Kiki’ from producing an awesome article.

Check out Kristens post here

8. Mom in Music City

So far we’ve focused on cleaning carpet stains because that’s what we mostly deal with. However, Sabine from the Mom in Music City blog has covered a slightly different topic. Pet urine from hardwood floors can be just as devastating and her blog is exactly what you need if you’re in that situation.

Check out Sabines post here

9. Yellow Bliss Road

Kristins post isn’t specifically about pet urine, in fact it’s not even about carpet. This article is written to help us all clean urine stains out of mattresses. The guide is TOP NOTCH quality and will apply for any type of urine (yuck) from most surfaces. The tips here are completely portable. Super blog Kristin.

Check out Kristins post here

10. Mountain Mama’s Blog

To be honest we just love the logo of this site. Its beautiful 🙂 . However the tutorial and particularly the before/after pictures are what sells the story here. A truly wonderful blog post on a particularly nasty issue. Thank you Kayla for help to round out our list of the top guide for pet urine and odour removal.

Check out Kaylas post here


So there you have it our loyal readers and customers! 10 of the absolute best guides you will find online for dealing with this common household problem. We encourage you to drop by these blogs and check out some of their other articles. You will not be disappointed.


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